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Heather Gallagher, Mezzo-Soprano

It's been my pleasure to have had the opportunity to study with Mr. Belov over the past two years. Anton is that rare bird who happens to be a truly gifted teacher, in addition to being a highly accomplished and consummate singing actor. If you're looking for someone who is a master in his craft, as well as someone who is supportive, honest and a joy to work with, look no further than Anton Belov. Anton is well versed in the traditional operatic and art song literature and has a solid understanding of vocal production and technique. In working with him, there was never a time where I felt that there was a question that I couldn't ask, which is essential in the nebulous and oftentimes confusing act of learning how to sing. When it comes to patience, I have to say that Anton is one of the most patient and forgiving teachers I have ever met. He's well accustomed to having to break concepts down for his students and is able to communicate complex ideas

with refreshing simplicity. I suppose that having gone through the rigors of learning how to fine tune his talents over the years, he's well acquainted with the challenges that the developing singer faces and he realizes that cultivating a rich, resonant voice and dependable technique is far from easy or simple: it's devilishly devoted, hard work.

When it comes to Art Song, and especially Russian Art Song, you will never find a greater teacher. Anton literally wrote the book on Russian to English IPA

transcription/translation and is a vital resource in exploring the language and the Russian operatic tradition. Also, having been raised by a father who was a poet and great artist in his own right, Anton has developed a love and understanding of poetry and literature that is unequaled in nearly every vocal teacher I have ever worked with. As a result, you're left with a teaching method that aims to create big, lush, beautiful sounds but that never fails to also strive to create the essential context for those sounds.

Finally, I found working with Anton most extraordinary because he always treated me like one would a valued colleague: he always expected the best I could offer, but he never talked down to me or made me feel terrible about being where I was- he has always been supportive. He is passionate about both music and teaching and is able to pass that love on to his students.

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